About Us

"I call upon the nation to take a pledge to make India the skill capital of the world."

Shri Narendra Modi Honorable Prime Minister of India

INDIA is the second largest Democracy in the world and is second largest in terms of population. 75% of India’s population averages below 45 years age group I.e.. youths. With 1.30 Billion youths India has the potential of becoming world leader in all aspects of life. With such a large young human resource India is still lagging behind because of lack of skills in our youths. To empower the youths our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modiji has launched SKILL INDIA PROGRAM under NSDC.

His vision is to enrich the youth power resource through this SKILL INDIA PROGRAM and make them employable.

His vision of bridging the gap between ability and capability of youths will enhance the financial condition of youths and in tern their skills will add to the development of India Economy.

This vision of our Honorable Prime Minister can bring a revolutionary change in Indian society and will result in economic growth of youths. This is a mammoth task to bring about such revolution in society and is beyond the capacity of an individual or institution. This social revolution is possible only with collective efforts along with best of plannings, administration, implementation and execution.


AHIMSA TRUST was founded in 2016 with a vision to serve society in the field of health, education,skill development, empowering youths etc..and with our vision to contribute in the journey of changing status of India from developing nation to developed nation.

During our working on our mission since last 4 years , during blood donation camps, medical checkups camps, carrier counselling sessions etc..we interacted with lots of youths and found that they are depressed because in-spite of calibre due to lack of proper training their abilities do not fetch them carrier opportunities.

While studying such cases we discovered the validation, seriousness and importance the vision of Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modiji for youths of India i.e..by converting the huge young human resource into skilled human resource by converting their skills into capabilities. With this the 75% human resource will become a Force which will take India from tag of developing country to a develop country.

AHIMSA TRUST has taken a step ahead in support our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modiji in his vision of making India the skill capital of the world by launching “SAKSHAM YUVA” (making youth capable).


The vision of “Shaksham Yuva” is to transform India’s Young and energetic human resource into a strong, capable and strong force which shall lead to development of the Nation. For this mission AHIMSA TRUST has initiated various programs for skill development and to enhance self efficiency where the youths are imparted practical and live training based on latest technology for traditional and modern employment opportunities. Post training the trained youths will not only establish themselves in this era of competition but will also make themselves self sufficient by self employment.


Most of the youths have interest in a particular type of profession but do not have finance , proper professional plate form or opportunity of getting proper training where they can develop their skills. AHIMSA TRUST identifies the talents inhibiting the youths and motivate them with skill development programs. Here their skills are developed by imparting the state of art training enabling them to excel in their field of interest. For the overall development AHIMSA TRUST is in collaboration or agreement with many organizations ,companies etc.. AHIMSA TRUST IS A MISSION TO ERADICATE UNEMPLOYMENT IN INDIA.


We are a nation with robust youth population. This huge young population can be a great source of strength to nation. But a huge part of it is unemployed due to lack of proper skill development and training.surveys conducted by many reputed agencies like NSDC, CII,etc.. have found that majority of youths are unemployed because their skills do not meet the standered of employment.

As our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modiji wished to train youths , sharpen their skills and make them employable to strengthen the future of nation.

If we have to transfom INDIA into a developed Nation we will have to train, educate and develop every youth of India.


  • Desired goals and objectives to address the needs / problems stated above.
  • To identify the deserving candidate for providing the training of age group of 10 - 45.
  • To provide appropriate training and academic education to the candidates.
  • To provide employment to the trained candidate in a reputed organization
  • Make India Capable
  • A Developed India